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Go beyond limits with a happy and proactive team

Make friends, not just colleagues.

Start the magic

Enjoy a productive and collaborative environment

85% of our users report an increase in engagement rates

Increase your company profitability by 16%

What is Remote Santa?

Remote Santa helps remote teammates to get to know each other better and boosts company culture. By combining gifting, games, and virtual parties, Remote Santa will rapidly increase your team's productivity, proactivity, and performance rates.

Hey Lisa, thank you so much for the Amazon card 😍

Time for that cat tree!

You’re welcome!

Jerry wil be super happy


Get started in      seconds

Create your team account

Get started with just your team name and email.

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Two users chatting on an app

Invite coworkers

Invite coworkers to your team quickly and easily with our simple process.

Have fun together

Enjoy gifting, games and virtual parties with your team.

Click to celebrate!
Two people having jumping and giving five to each other

What does Remote Santa      do and you don’t have to?

Rewards employees with points

Employees receive points automatically and can use them however they want. They tailor the experience based on their needs and interests.

Screenshot of Remote Santa's app showing the amount of points of a user
Screenshot of Remote Santa's app showing a list of brands

Remembers their birthdays & organizes celebrations

List item number one

Company automatically reserves funds for presents

List item number two

Coworkers get together and choose a present for their teammate

List item number 3

Celebrate the birthday together at a virtual party

Organizes gifting games

Secret Santa, Yankee Swap and similar games encourage employees to learn more about each other's interests and hobbies.

The effect is even stronger when the game ends with a present reveal at a virtual party.

Screenshot of a Zoom call

Happy and proactive:

the dream      team!

Andrej Lazarevic
Founder & CEO of Podcastize
Keeping a remote team engaged can be difficult, but Remote Santa has helped us become more close-knit and connected. The employee gifting program and games make everyday work more fun.
Stefan Miskovic
Co-Founder of zVision
Remote Santa was a wise decision from the managerial perspective. It didn’t take a lot of time to set up, it’s easy to use and the benefits are huge. In just a couple of months, I feel like we have gotten to know each other much better!
Portrait photo of Katarina Zlatic
Frances Watkins
Office Manager of myCL Solutions
Remote Santa is a great help in organizing gifts. Our employees are thrilled because the gifts are personalized just for them. Virtual birthday parties are my favorite part - now we can celebrate even when we're remote!